Thursday, October 22, 2009

To give or not to give

The H1N1 vaccine.......

The question being...... to give or not to give??????

So much controversy around this subject, even within families not everyone agrees.

Hubby theory is...." side effects are better than death"

Hospital says...."you are an RN with direct patient care, therefore it is mandatory for you to get."

School says....."make an informed decision."

It's hard to make an informed decision with so much controversy and because it is new no one has seen what happens long term. But it is just a flu shot essentially, and we have had flu shots around for a long time.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

A chance to breathe

This year our schedule is so complicated by having to run kids here and their. Mostly just getting the to and from school. Whew! It has kind of taken me by surprise. I thought having all the kids in school would make things easier. With having babygirl half day, it feels like I am running all the time. I would love to think that I was handling it all by myself, and being that superwoman I strive to be. That just isn"t the case. I rely a ton on my husband to help with practices, pick-ups, dinners, you name it. He is such a HUGE help, with such a willing heart.

So when he tells me he has to go away on business for 5 days, my heart just sank.
How am I going to do all this running around by myself? I express my concern to hubby to which he says... "Come with me. We were going to go away in September, but that fell through so come with me now". After not much contemplating, I decided I WAS GOING!!!!

We were off to Oregon, the complete opposite side of the country. All the kids were situated with everyone having the master list to who goes where, when, and why, and who would be taking them. It was quite the logistic challenge to get 4 kids placed where it wouldn't be too much trouble for any one family. I think I did it.

All the way to Oregon, hubby kept saying you don't seem excited about going. In my defense, I just had a hard time letting go, and realizing we were actually going away without the kids for an extended amount of time. Hubby's meetings were during the week. We decided to go out a few days early to have some quality time, sight seeing, etc. before his meetings. We were celebrating 16 years of marriage. Wow!!

It was a great time to relax, catch my breath, and get refocused about the rest of the year. I think I may need another get away to make it through this year though. WHEW!!!