Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quest for the right Education

We are constantly evaluating, praying, searching, waiting, resting, keeping our eyes open for the right education for our children. We have had a real peace about the older 2 kids and where they are going to school. We plan and feel it is the Lord's plan to keep them where they are. They are thriving, enjoying school, their friends and are content to stay where they are at.

Now the younger 2 kids are a different story. They are not settled yet and we are in the process of finding that right fit for them. Baby girl could stay where she is and that would be ok with me. However the logistics and financial end need to be evaluated based upon little mans move. We feel very confident he will be switching schools next year. His present school only goes up to 3rd grade so he would need to switch soon anyways. I am concerned he may not be working at grade level. He might be, I am just not sure.

The school is very intense and challenges kids. If you know my little man, he is not an intense, competive, push-push kind of kid. He is a lovey, cuddle bear, who is very much an experiencial learner. Let him experience it and he will remember every detail, tell him about it and it might go in one ear and out the other. Anyways if you are aware of the A Beka program, you know it can be very linear and dry, no thinking outside the box. No experiencing the material, just lots of memory work. Now we kept him at this school because they push and concentrate heavily on reading. My philosophy is reading is the gateway to all learning. If you can't read the science or math problem how can you do the problems. Little man struggled with reading and therefore I wanted him to have intense focus on reading. We can catch up later on math, science, social studies if we need to, but lets get down the basics, the foundation....reading. Maybe that was a wrong way to approach his education, but that was how I wanted to proceed. I was afraid he would try to keep up on everything and his reading would suffer and then get brushed over in a big class. His class size now is 8, so he can get more personalized attention when needed.

Why are we proposing to move him? Well, it seems to be too much on him emotionally. I do feel his reading has greatly improved this year and that was what we wanted. I certainly want him to have a love for learning and staying there I feel would impede that. AHHH!!!

So the quest for the right school for little man begins. This is the hard part for me. I know, no school is perfect, but which school is right for little man. Dear God lead and guide us to the right school.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Motivation vs. Non Motivation

Hmmm. What makes that happen? Some days I am so motivated I could conquer the world. And then there are days like today when all I want to do is NOTHING.

Today is a rainy day, the house is quiet-no tv on, all the kids at school, hubby at work. It's a perfect time to go through baby girls room and get rid of those things she really doesn't wear or play with, but as soon as she sees me getting rid of them, they suddenly become her prize possession. Or it would be a great time to go to the gym and work out as long as I please, at my own pace- push myself with an extreme, intensity or just take a nice LONNGGG walk on the treadmill and do strength training. It would also be a great time to go shopping for all those miscellaneous items that I would rather not do with kids around.

There are tons of things I could do, should do, but probably won't do today. Then tomorrow when I have all the kids or I have to work, I will be so motivated and then frustrated that I didn't accomplish what I could've, should've, but didn't.

I need to spend time with my Lord and give this day to Him. That may be the only way I can get some get up and go.


As I was typing how unmotivated I was, hubby comes walking in the door (He forgot his cell phone and babygirl needed a sweater for school- he took the younger 2 kids to school on his way to work) and sees me just chillin on the couch with the computer. At least I was on the computer blogging, instead of what I want to be doing- watching a chick flick and eating bon bons. Then I would have really been busted. LOL.

Just kidding.

I asked hubby to pray for my unmotivation today. I think I will go and spend some time reading my bible and praying and then I will head to the gym. Maybe if I just get moving I will stumble upon that elusive motivation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The progress continues

That's right the progress continues. After a very tasty Easter weekend, I felt like I needed to start all over from scratch when Monday came. Whew! And of course those pesky 2 pounds that always haunt me came back.....AGAIN.


It is not surprising, just frustrating.

So I worked out monday on the eliptical, and took a break yesterday (I had to work and was way too tired by the time I got home) and back to the gym today.

I upped the ante today. I didn't even feel like working out when I went, but hubby came with me and that ALWAYS motivates me. I want to IMPRESS MY MAN, so I push myself a little more than I intended.

We could not get elipticals next to each other, so I decided to hop on the treadmill behind him. But there was a mirror in front of us so we could still keep an eye on each other. Woo Hoo! He looked good too. I am still so in love with him. Ok anyways. So I ended up running (ok jogging) 3.1 miles today. YeeHaw!!! That is the length of a 5K.

I DID IT!!!!!! I actually ran an entire 5K without stopping, slowing down or this time over doing it. I was actually able to talk through it the entire time. WooHoo!!!!!

Scary thought...I am actually starting to enjoy running again. I haven't enjoyed it since I ran track in high school. Yikes!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A blond moment.....literally

I had a blond moment today, literally. Today I decided to throw all caution to the wind and change my natural red hair to become part of the blond community.

Yep that's right. I went blond. I still kept some of my red as highlights, just to keep a little bit of me in the process.

The big deal to this is I NEVER have changed my hair color EVER!!!! It has always been red. Not the bright copper kind of red, but still red. So to change to blond is quite a drastic look for me. And I am not stopping there. Tomorrow I am going to get my hair cut. Not sure what kind of style I am going to get, but my long straight red (oops) blond hair will be no more.

What's the occasion? The 10 lb. mark. You got it. I have lost 10 pounds. I have decided every 10 pounds I lose I am going to do something special for myself. This new hair is to push me through to the next 10 lbs. To motivate me. I hope it will work. Well it was fun even if it doesn't work.

So here is to me losing 10 pounds and going blond!!!!!! WooooHooooo!!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A great small group night

Tonight we had life group and what a great night it was. Each one of us in the group is telling our life story, one each night we meet. Tonight was our first story. It was amazing to me to learn so much about a person in just 20 minutes. This is someone whom I have known since I started going to the church 11 years ago.


There is such power in getting to know someone on a deeper level. The understanding of where they have come from, the experiences they have had, the choices they made, the challenges they endured etc. just makes you appreciate them even more. Then hearing the challenges they are facing now, the choices that will need to be made, what a priviledge to be able to join them in praying for those things, and then to see the results. WOW!

We also discussed committment. What is committment? What does committment look like? What does it mean to be committed to Christ, the church, each other?

One of the things, well two things that struck a chord with me, was time and money.

If you look at where you spend most of your time, and money, what does that say you are committed too. It reminded me of the question that I heard once "If you were accused of being a christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"


Something to ponder.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today I decided I needed to start preparing for the 5K run that we are going to do. Yikes. I went to the gym first thing this morning and hopped right on the treadmill this time. Not after I did the eliptical. I had in mind to run as long as I could, take that as my starting point and work my way up to 3.1 miles (the length of a 5K).

So I began by warming up for 5 minutes, then began my run (ok, it was definitely more of a jog than a run, but it was faster than a walk. LOL). At the 1.5 mile mark, I was done being comfortable. I was tired, my breathing was heavy, my legs were tired, my face was bright red, and my shirt and pants absolutely soaked from sweat. But I wasn't done in my mind. I had to go farther. I pushed myself to run 2 miles continually, without stopping, without walking, without slowing the pace. I actually increased my speed the last 1/4 mile, cause, I was so done. I just wanted it to be over with faster. The faster I ran, the sooner the torture would be over. And yes, this is voluntary. I am certifiably crazy!!!! Because, it did feel like torture.


I did it!!!! And that felt great......well after I cooled down and didn't have jello legs anymore that is. Whether I will be able to walk tomorrow is up for debate, but that is ok. I did it!!!

So that is my news for today. Besides, the fact that hubby is away again, so I am flying solo for the next 3 days. He was gone last week for 2 days, and has to go away at the end of April again for another 3 days. I know it could be worse, but it still is hard when he is gone.