Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Motivation vs. Non Motivation

Hmmm. What makes that happen? Some days I am so motivated I could conquer the world. And then there are days like today when all I want to do is NOTHING.

Today is a rainy day, the house is quiet-no tv on, all the kids at school, hubby at work. It's a perfect time to go through baby girls room and get rid of those things she really doesn't wear or play with, but as soon as she sees me getting rid of them, they suddenly become her prize possession. Or it would be a great time to go to the gym and work out as long as I please, at my own pace- push myself with an extreme, intensity or just take a nice LONNGGG walk on the treadmill and do strength training. It would also be a great time to go shopping for all those miscellaneous items that I would rather not do with kids around.

There are tons of things I could do, should do, but probably won't do today. Then tomorrow when I have all the kids or I have to work, I will be so motivated and then frustrated that I didn't accomplish what I could've, should've, but didn't.

I need to spend time with my Lord and give this day to Him. That may be the only way I can get some get up and go.


As I was typing how unmotivated I was, hubby comes walking in the door (He forgot his cell phone and babygirl needed a sweater for school- he took the younger 2 kids to school on his way to work) and sees me just chillin on the couch with the computer. At least I was on the computer blogging, instead of what I want to be doing- watching a chick flick and eating bon bons. Then I would have really been busted. LOL.

Just kidding.

I asked hubby to pray for my unmotivation today. I think I will go and spend some time reading my bible and praying and then I will head to the gym. Maybe if I just get moving I will stumble upon that elusive motivation.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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vinniediesel said...

I am very glad you wrote this blog. I happend to just look up "non motivation" and one of the results were to your blog. The reason why I am happy I found it is because I at least know Im not the only one who does this. Who feels like I should be, could be, want to be doing something productive and instead watch those be(s) turn into haves ultimately leaving me with regret and frustration. I have a bad habit and it is doing this all the time, this very same action, everyday and Im tired of it. Im tired of being tired! Am I the only one? How do I change this behavior? Why am I like this? I am fairly smart but by some of my actions you would think I am a dummy. This being the ultimate, non motivation. Thank you for letting me know Im not the only smart person that does this! Now finding a way to break it will be the key that unlocks the rest of my life for the better. Thank you because I at least dont feel so all alone anymore.