Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to school night

It's back to school!! Well, for us it was just back to school night. Yesterday was a day filled with going to all 4 kids back to school nights. A chance to meet the new teachers, and new classmates. It was fairly simple for my younger 2. They will be going to the same school around the corner from our house. Youngest daughter was able to meet her new teacher, see her classroom, and see where her cubbie was. It soon became apparent to me that those were not the things that were most concerning to her with starting a new school. It wasn't until I saw relief wash over her that I knew what was most important to her. She had spotted that the classroom had several baby dolls and 2 telephones!!!! WHEW!!! I wouldn't say she is excited to start in her new school (she still tells me daily that she is going to cry at school) but I sense in her that she thinks it will be ok....someday.
My youngest son starts 1st grade and he is in the same school as last year. We went and saw his classroom and his cubbie, and eh... no biggie to him. No excitement no dread.
Next we traveled down the road to the older boys school. They go to school 30 minutes away. We decide we will tackle the new 5th graders schedule first. We go and find his locker and he sets it up just right. Then we go and meet his teachers, he switches classes, but stays in the same building. He was Mr. Cool. Oh yeah, I am back in my groove. Watch out SCS here I come!!
So onto the big 8th grader. We needed to get his schedule to make sure it was right. They had messed up earlier, no band....WHAT? NO BAND??? MOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! . Whew! It was right. So off we go in the upper school building. Upstairs then downstairs, then upstairs, then downstairs, and so on. I think he needs to go up, then down every other class. Now that is one way to get into shape! We also found his locker and made sure it had the cool factor, boy style.... absolutely nothing on it, or in it! LOL!
All in all it was a great day/night and everyone feels more comfortable about where they are going to be spending the next 9 months. Mom included.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Broken dryer and spilled milk, PRAISE GOD!!

I have heard many times that we need to praise God not just in the good times, but also in the bad times. I have to admit, I generally understood the concept, but how could someone praise God for a broken dryer, or spilled milk? Those just seem to be annoyances rather than chances to praise God.

It's amazing when you keep God as your focus, how your perspective changes. God has been blessing us in amazing ways, and in so many ways. Some are huge blessings that you know could only be of God, to small blessings like a broken dryer and spilled milk. What????

A couple of days ago, my littlest daughter wanted to be a big helper (she loves helping mommy clean, and mommy loves the help cause, mommy doesn't like to clean) so she went to the dryer and cleaned out the lint tray. I went in later that morning to switch loads and did not realize she never put the lint tray back in. Needless to say a sock got sucked down the lint vent and jammed the dryer. NOOOO!!!! My husband was out of clothes, and I was planning on doing my laundry marathon that day. So I call the repairman. He will come the next day and I will have to go to Mom and Dad's to do a couple of loads. At least, we can all be appropritely dressed for the next day. In the midst of all that, hubby was talking to a friend and the friend found out our dryer was down. That friend (praise God for friends) came while I was at Mom and Dad's and fixed our dryer!!! WOOHOO no need for the serviceman! My husband and friend were able to go to the movies later that night and have some male bonding time. Much needed friend time that would not have happened had our dryer not broke. Praise God! Not only that, I had to clean up the laundry room to be ok for the repair to go into. So praise God I got a clean, orgainized laundry room that I was not planning on doing that day.

Oh and the spilled milk. My young son was preparing his own bowl of cereal, which he is capable of doing on his own. He had put the gallon of milk on the table in case he wanted a seconds. Hubby comes down and sees a huge puddle of milk on the table. AHHH! What happened? I was right in the kitchen and young son never mentioned a spill. He was as surprised as we were. So the investigation begins. Somehow when he put the milk on the table it sprun a leak. Praise God the leak sprung on the table and not in the refridge!! What a big mess that would have been to clean up. Whew!! So I just poured the rest into a pitcher, cleaned up the mess and sang praises to God for spilled milk on the table (and not in the refridge).

So praise God for broken dryers and spilled milk!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A day of rest

I love Sundays that I do not have to work. Lately, I have had to work too many of them. But today I was able to go to church, come home and take a nap. AHHHH!!! Time to restore my weary body. Matthew 11:28 says: Come to me all who are weary and burdoned and I will give you rest." Praise God that He knows we will become weary in this world. We need time to not only rest our bodies but also time to rest in Him. To "be still and know that I am God." I am one who needs frequent reminders of this. I tend to go, go, go and then wonder... why am I so worn out? Ususally it means I have not taken the time to adequately rest my body and rest in Him who restores, refreshes and refuels me.