Saturday, July 6, 2013


After almost a year of not posting anything, and practically forgetting I even had a blog, I decided it was time to post something. Mostly because I am really excited. Excited about what????


Yes, camping!!

We used to camp when the kids were little. We would camp with friends from church and sometimes with my family (sisters, nieces, nephews, parents etc.) It was always sooo much fun. But as the years passed, time got away and noone scheduled these camping adventures, so it just stopped happening.

Well, this year with my oldest son graduating from high school and heading off to college in the fall, I wanted to bring back the good ole times of camping.

Sounds like a great idea to me, even if my hubby would disagree (he's not quite the camping guy although he will go along just to make me happy).

So in just a few weeks we are going camping with a bunch of friends, 8 fun families will be joining us!! Woohoo!! We were able to borrow a camper from a friend, so we don't have to rough it completely. However, the older 2 boys will be tenting it outside the camper.

I just can't wait to hang out with friends, get to know them better, create memories with them, roasting the marshmellows, swimming at the water park, fishing, bike riding, walking the trails, and all the other fun things that go along with camping with friends.

It will be the last hoorah before sending my oldest off to college, that will be another post for another time. Right now I'm focusing on the fun time we are getting ready to have. Woohoo!!!

We are going camping!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of school, take one

Praise the Lord!!!

The younger 2 kids started their first day of 3rd grade and 5th grade today. Where has the time gone? Such a cliche, but so much truth in it.

We have struggled these last few years with stomach pains from anxiety over school. I cannot count the number of times I have heard "My tummy hurts". We have seen GI specialists, neurologists, run countless of tests on both kids. We have prayed, we have tried multiple medications, with no substanial relief...The result hubby & I have concluded is school anxiety. Babygirl has also been diagnosed with abdominal migraines which of course is brought on by stress/anxiety.

So with school approaching I was dreading the start of it, along with the start of hearing "My tummy hurts", everyday for the next 180 days of school. Ugh!!!

The kids were optomistic this morning saying "It's the first day, so it should be an easy day".
"That's right go with it" I am screaming inside, looking for no stress.

Drop off was amazing! Hugs & kisses, and pictures with smiles :) Oh my heart was jumping for joy!

Hubby and I leave, and their first day of school is underway.

At the end of their day, I am waiting for them on the sidewalk to be dismissed from school and what do I see.....smiles on their faces. Praise the Lord! And when I asked how their day was
my son says "It's terrible, absolutely terrible" What???? My heart was in my throat now. He continues to say with a smirk on his face "It's terribly good. I had a great day" That little stinker.
Babygirl says she had a great day too, and her teacher said so too.

So this night I am praising the Lord for our answered  prayers for our first day of school! Now hopefully the rest of the year can follow just like today.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Unusual day

Today is a very unusual day in our house.

My hubby and 2 older sons have gone off to throw caution to the wind and ride all the extreme roller coasters at a theme park several hours away. Ok, that is really not that unusual. What is out of the norm, is this is also a youth group event. I'm always at youth group events, helping out. Feels so strange not to be there.

Babygirl has also been invited to have an all day playdate with one of her best friends. This best friend's mom works full time so playdates at their house has never happened. They always come to our house, which I am very ok with. It will be strange not to have babygirl around.

That leaves my 3rd son and I the day to ourselves. WOW! I don't think this has ever happened in the last 8 years since babygirl has come along. So what to do??? What are we going to get into today???
Babygirl gets picked up in an hour so I have an hour to plan my special day with my special 3rd born son.

I am so blessed to have this time, in this unusual day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vacation, Reflections, and salad!

Ever need a vacation from your vacation?

This past week we decided to take a long weekend for a family getaway. I start getting restless to get away every few months or so. I must have gypsy in my blood or something. LOL.

We jam packed 4 days with about a weeks worth of fun, activities, visiting friends, and bonding time with each other. Whew! It was definitely a whirlwind....closing the amusement park (which we haven't done since the kids were born), riding roller coasters (which I haven't done in probably 15 years), staying at our vacation spot until 9:30pm then started home instead of leaving much earlier in the day. We packed no strollers, or back packs with extra clothes or jackets just in case it got cool. We stayed out till 12:30am almost every night. It was definitely a big kid vacation!

A big kid vacation...Whew!!! Now I think I need a senior citizen vacation to recoup from it all. Lol!

When I reflect on it, it causes me to pause... my kids are growing up, we just had probably our first big kid vacation. My oldest will be leaving for college next year this time (God willing). Have I instilled in my kids independence, confidence, a fear of the Lord. Have I,  and am I, helping them to grow closer in their relationship to the Lord? Have I and am I helping them to love each other (their siblings) in a way that is honoring to God? Have I and am I training them up in the ways of the Lord? Have I and am I showing them the love of Christ in my relationship with them? Have I and am I being the Mom that God is calling me to be for my kids? To be the example for my kids to see in my relationship to my husband? I believe it is essential to every now and then to step back and evaluate, so as not to coast and think and assume everything is going ok.

So I ask my kids those same questions in different ways....what do I do right, what do you wish I was more of, what changes would you like to see...Sometimes those answers are hard to swallow and sometimes I get the sweetest blessings. This past year one of my kids answered the question "What would you like to see more of? or what are you disapointed with?" The answer was simply "I wish we had salad more often with dinner." LOL. Ok I can deal with that. But without asking those questions and probing the kids, I may never know their hearts. Even something as simple as having salad for dinner.

Can you guess what we are having with dinner tonight? Yep...SALAD!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to survive my sons Senior year.

Wow! It has been 7 months since I last posted. I nearly forgot my password and how to sign on. Lol.

Life is moving at break neck speed around here, feeling overwhelmed much of the time. Having 2 teenage boys in the house adds plenty of activity, along with having the other 2 kids and all their stuff. Whew!

So my question is "How do you survive your son's senior year?" AHHH!!!

All the requirements for senior year and college are incredible! Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not me. Besides all the college stuff, I thought senior year was the kick back year! Well I was in for a rude awakening.

We started all the college stuff last year, and had it all pretty much figured out. We visited the colleges, had it narrowed down to 2 of his favorites, he knew his major. It was just a matter of applying and seeing how the financial end would come out.

Senior stuff starts in the month of June....Wait!!!! He just finished his junior year and hasn't even had a summer yet!! OK, here we go senior class trip info meeting, senior portraits, passport applications, and the list goes on and on and on, with deadlines upon deadlines.

Praise God, I can run to Him in my overwhelmed state. He calms my fears, and restores my soul.

Deep breathe in, breathe out...Ok, I got this with my Lord......

Oldest son says to me a little bit ago "Mom, I have been doing alot of praying lately and I think I may be changing my major, and the ***University and **** University do not offer what I am thinking of changing to"

So I calmly explore his thoughts and probe his heart, encouraging him to go where God is leading him, even if it means we start this whole process over...

WHAT???? Did I really just say that???? PANIC!!!! START OVER???

Breathe in, breathe out, call upon the Lord my refuge! Dear God get me through this senior year!

So here we go on this rollerscoaster ride, with our arms lifted up screaming down the hills. Woohoo!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting your grove on

It's the new year, new month, new resolutions, a chance to start fresh and make the year what you want it to be.
Many challenges have been thrown out there. Hmm...what challenge is the one that I will choose?

I have decided it's time to get my grove on! LOL!

That phrase came up in a recent game of catch phrase that we played with friends. It was quite hilarious to see our friend (who is a little bit older and can be quite reserved) get up from the table and do what looked like a hula dance. He was trying to demonstrate his clue "Getting your grove on". Needless to say, all 6  of us adults were cracking up in hysterics. All the while he is "getting his grove on" and saying with all seriousness "this is interference with all this laughing", which of course just made us laugh even harder. Everytime I think of that time, I just get te biggest chuckle

So, I claimed this year is the year... I get my grove on...
What does that mean?
Well to me, I am taking it as Carpe Diem, cease the day, take no prisoners and live everyday to its fullest
So when we had friends over for dinner, I used our good china (boy were they surprised it wasn't paper plates. LOL!).
When I go to work, I am working for the Lord not men. Do my coworkers need help? Looking for opportunities to help them, ease their load, and make a difference in the work day.
It means making my days productive, even if that means a productive day of watching HGTV because I need a the mental break.
It means getting my grove on playing the wii with my kids, going to the gym, making those doctor appointments that I absolutly dread, taking care of me.
It means to me, to dream big about what it is that God is asking me to do, to be, and then doing it and being it. Taking the steps that I need to in order to follow Gods plan for me, no matter what.

It means no longer procrastinating, and waiting, and postponing, or doing another day!
I will get my grove on!!! You with me? Go get your grove on!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Wow!! It has been almost a year since I posted anything. Life goes by at crazy speeds and then when there is time to take a breathe, it ends up with me collapsing.

This weekend hubby and I planned a spontaneous getaway. Spontaneous in the fact that it took us only a week to plan. Where are we going, who is watching the kids, who is shuttling them from soccer, birthday parties etc.? I must say, only a week to plan is in my book a record!! 4 kids is not easy to plan for time away with all their schedules. But I did it!!! Woohoo!!

We have escaped to the beautiful land of the Pennsylvania. In the romantic, breathe taking nook in the Poconoes. Gods splendor and mighty power is so evidently displayed. We hiked to the majestic Bushkill Falls...The Niagara of Pennsylvania. WOW! With all the rain and flooding this area has experienced in the last few weeks has made the most powerful waterfalls!! The streams and brooks are rushing waters that had you put a water wheel there it would be producing some serious electricity. It amazes me the absolute power that is in nature. It blows me away that is not even close to the power that God has. I am so grateful I am on Gods team!!

Tomorrow we leave, and I will drive hubby to the airport. He is flying out of Philly on the 10th anniversary of the tragic 9/11 events. Please pray for him if you think to. I will then head back home to the hustle and bustle of my busy yet very blessed life.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What a great day!!

A little different than the last post....

But today was a great low key, chill, productive kind of day.

This morning I got up early showered, went to the grocery store, came home and started baking banana breads before the kids even got up. I had 2 out of the oven before hubby even left for work. I was working on the raspberry oatmeal bars as he was going out the door.

After that I began to prepare my potatoes dish for Thanksgiving dinner at my in laws only to find out, that they have too many potato kind of dishes coming. Ugh. My potato dish would just make too much :(
I had already bought the ingredients. Oh well guess what we had for dinner tonight? LOL. You guessed it, the potatoes bacon dish.

Hopefully hubby can go to store for me, so I don't have to go AGAIN...

I was also able to spend some very valuable hang out time with a friend. She job searched on my computer while I fluttered around the kitchen. It was not party time just hang out time. Ahh, so nice not to have an agenda (she did, I didn't).

....oops just found this post, that I called away in the middle of, and now it is a couple days old. Oh well, I will post it anyways.....I will post later about Thanksgiving, since that is Today!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful even for the smallest of blessings!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beat Up

Have you ever felt beat up when parenting?

Man on man, that is exactly how I feel right now.

We have set certain standards in our home. What kind of movies are allowed, what video games are acceptable, what kind of language is appropriate, etc. Usually the kids are agreeable to such standards and don't balk at them, but today was an onslaught.

We were getting hit from all angles. The boys wanting to push against those standards, mostly because friends or cousins were pushing them too. Ugh!!!

It's getting harder and harder to maintain those standards as they get older.

I feel beat up.
I feel bad.
Is it worth it?

The kids end up mad. Hubby and I end up frustrated. The friends and cousins don't understand.

 We were once the "cool parents", but have we now been down graded to "oh those parents"?

Ugh! Finding that balance of protection and letting go. Whew! That is a toughie.

Our goal is to move the kids from riding mom and dad's coat tails and what we believe to believing for themselves. We want their faith to be theirs, not because mom and dad said so. We want to teach them how to be decerning, and wise in their choices. We want them to be able to say no to disagreeable things because they believe it to be wrong.
Because my parents said so only goes so far, and doesn't exactly work when you are in college and beyond.

So today has been a rough day. The standards being pushed, holding to those standards, and letting them go to decide if they believe those standards are valuable.

God give me wisdom!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

When you don't know what else to do.... just chuckle.

As you know I have 3 boys and a girl. So you would think that the 2nd and 3rd boys would be able to wear hand me downs from the oldest boy. They are not babies and toddlers so I don't have to worry with the season and size anymore.

I think God likes to show me His humor sometimes, cause yes I have 3 boys and a girl. I should only technically have to get 2 sets of clothes, boys (starting with my oldest, then passing them down to the younger brothers) and a girl. However, I have 3 different size boys, one wears regular, another wears slims, and the other one wears husky. I mean really? Not one boy the same? NOPE.

So there is no way I can get away with only one set of boys clothes. I will have size 14 regular, 14 slims, and 14 Husky. If I kept them (which I don't, I pass them on to someone else), I could open my own 2nd hand store for boys of ANY size. LOL.

For now we range in size from 18 regulars, to 10 slims (boy), to 8 husky, to a 6-7 slim (girl) Not a single size alike. I find that absolutely comical, cause if I didn't, I would find it really irritating. LOL.