Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting your grove on

It's the new year, new month, new resolutions, a chance to start fresh and make the year what you want it to be.
Many challenges have been thrown out there. Hmm...what challenge is the one that I will choose?

I have decided it's time to get my grove on! LOL!

That phrase came up in a recent game of catch phrase that we played with friends. It was quite hilarious to see our friend (who is a little bit older and can be quite reserved) get up from the table and do what looked like a hula dance. He was trying to demonstrate his clue "Getting your grove on". Needless to say, all 6  of us adults were cracking up in hysterics. All the while he is "getting his grove on" and saying with all seriousness "this is interference with all this laughing", which of course just made us laugh even harder. Everytime I think of that time, I just get te biggest chuckle

So, I claimed this year is the year... I get my grove on...
What does that mean?
Well to me, I am taking it as Carpe Diem, cease the day, take no prisoners and live everyday to its fullest
So when we had friends over for dinner, I used our good china (boy were they surprised it wasn't paper plates. LOL!).
When I go to work, I am working for the Lord not men. Do my coworkers need help? Looking for opportunities to help them, ease their load, and make a difference in the work day.
It means making my days productive, even if that means a productive day of watching HGTV because I need a the mental break.
It means getting my grove on playing the wii with my kids, going to the gym, making those doctor appointments that I absolutly dread, taking care of me.
It means to me, to dream big about what it is that God is asking me to do, to be, and then doing it and being it. Taking the steps that I need to in order to follow Gods plan for me, no matter what.

It means no longer procrastinating, and waiting, and postponing, or doing another day!
I will get my grove on!!! You with me? Go get your grove on!

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