Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Empty nest already?

I had just the smallest, iddy-biddy, tiniest little experience with empty nest syndrome.


Yes, empty nest....well, sort of.

You see, last week, hubby was in Chicago all week and my oldest was in DC all week and weekend, plus my second child spent the night at a friends' house (even though it was a school night, I let him. They really wanted to help with hubby & oldest gone. That way I didn't need to get the younger 2 up extra early to get second son to bus stop. How wonderful it is to have thoughtful friends- love you).

That meant it was only me and the 2 younger kids in the house. Woah!!! Freaky!!!

Thankfully all is well again. My hubby is home and so are all 4 of my kids. AHHHHH!!!!

I am so blessed to enjoy my family and love more than anything to have us all together.

God is so GOOD.