Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beat Up

Have you ever felt beat up when parenting?

Man on man, that is exactly how I feel right now.

We have set certain standards in our home. What kind of movies are allowed, what video games are acceptable, what kind of language is appropriate, etc. Usually the kids are agreeable to such standards and don't balk at them, but today was an onslaught.

We were getting hit from all angles. The boys wanting to push against those standards, mostly because friends or cousins were pushing them too. Ugh!!!

It's getting harder and harder to maintain those standards as they get older.

I feel beat up.
I feel bad.
Is it worth it?

The kids end up mad. Hubby and I end up frustrated. The friends and cousins don't understand.

 We were once the "cool parents", but have we now been down graded to "oh those parents"?

Ugh! Finding that balance of protection and letting go. Whew! That is a toughie.

Our goal is to move the kids from riding mom and dad's coat tails and what we believe to believing for themselves. We want their faith to be theirs, not because mom and dad said so. We want to teach them how to be decerning, and wise in their choices. We want them to be able to say no to disagreeable things because they believe it to be wrong.
Because my parents said so only goes so far, and doesn't exactly work when you are in college and beyond.

So today has been a rough day. The standards being pushed, holding to those standards, and letting them go to decide if they believe those standards are valuable.

God give me wisdom!

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