Thursday, November 25, 2010

What a great day!!

A little different than the last post....

But today was a great low key, chill, productive kind of day.

This morning I got up early showered, went to the grocery store, came home and started baking banana breads before the kids even got up. I had 2 out of the oven before hubby even left for work. I was working on the raspberry oatmeal bars as he was going out the door.

After that I began to prepare my potatoes dish for Thanksgiving dinner at my in laws only to find out, that they have too many potato kind of dishes coming. Ugh. My potato dish would just make too much :(
I had already bought the ingredients. Oh well guess what we had for dinner tonight? LOL. You guessed it, the potatoes bacon dish.

Hopefully hubby can go to store for me, so I don't have to go AGAIN...

I was also able to spend some very valuable hang out time with a friend. She job searched on my computer while I fluttered around the kitchen. It was not party time just hang out time. Ahh, so nice not to have an agenda (she did, I didn't).

....oops just found this post, that I called away in the middle of, and now it is a couple days old. Oh well, I will post it anyways.....I will post later about Thanksgiving, since that is Today!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful even for the smallest of blessings!

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william2233 said...

I liked your blog, from a children author in Concord, Ca.