Friday, November 5, 2010



Yesterday was great, amazing, fantabulous.....

I had an amazing breakfast and morning with hubby after the kids were at school and before he needed to be at work....

What a great time to actually talk without being interrupted, or have to share our food, or whatever seems to always happen when hubby and I try to talk. Okay, it is not that bad but still it was nice to know it wouldn't happen no matter what.

After hubby went off to work,  I had the house to myself... Well mostly.
I did have to share it with the dog and HGTV. I am so addicted to that channel. My favorite is house hunters or house hunters international. What a fantastic show!! Anyways, I had HGTV on all day without it getting changed to a kid show or ESPN (which I do enjoy periodically).

I needed to conquer the laundry beast again. Somehow that beast always seems to have the upper hand. UGH!!
So with house hunters on, I become a laundry beast fighting machine. ( I pause it during the commercials, run around putting the folded clothes in their proper rooms, reboot the laundry if it is time then head back to the tv. I fast forward through the commericials and begin watching the show again and folding laundry till next commercial.) . What a delightful productive almost relaxing kind of day!!!

I have to say it was BLISS!!!

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