Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of school, take one

Praise the Lord!!!

The younger 2 kids started their first day of 3rd grade and 5th grade today. Where has the time gone? Such a cliche, but so much truth in it.

We have struggled these last few years with stomach pains from anxiety over school. I cannot count the number of times I have heard "My tummy hurts". We have seen GI specialists, neurologists, run countless of tests on both kids. We have prayed, we have tried multiple medications, with no substanial relief...The result hubby & I have concluded is school anxiety. Babygirl has also been diagnosed with abdominal migraines which of course is brought on by stress/anxiety.

So with school approaching I was dreading the start of it, along with the start of hearing "My tummy hurts", everyday for the next 180 days of school. Ugh!!!

The kids were optomistic this morning saying "It's the first day, so it should be an easy day".
"That's right go with it" I am screaming inside, looking for no stress.

Drop off was amazing! Hugs & kisses, and pictures with smiles :) Oh my heart was jumping for joy!

Hubby and I leave, and their first day of school is underway.

At the end of their day, I am waiting for them on the sidewalk to be dismissed from school and what do I see.....smiles on their faces. Praise the Lord! And when I asked how their day was
my son says "It's terrible, absolutely terrible" What???? My heart was in my throat now. He continues to say with a smirk on his face "It's terribly good. I had a great day" That little stinker.
Babygirl says she had a great day too, and her teacher said so too.

So this night I am praising the Lord for our answered  prayers for our first day of school! Now hopefully the rest of the year can follow just like today.

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