Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The progress continues

That's right the progress continues. After a very tasty Easter weekend, I felt like I needed to start all over from scratch when Monday came. Whew! And of course those pesky 2 pounds that always haunt me came back.....AGAIN.


It is not surprising, just frustrating.

So I worked out monday on the eliptical, and took a break yesterday (I had to work and was way too tired by the time I got home) and back to the gym today.

I upped the ante today. I didn't even feel like working out when I went, but hubby came with me and that ALWAYS motivates me. I want to IMPRESS MY MAN, so I push myself a little more than I intended.

We could not get elipticals next to each other, so I decided to hop on the treadmill behind him. But there was a mirror in front of us so we could still keep an eye on each other. Woo Hoo! He looked good too. I am still so in love with him. Ok anyways. So I ended up running (ok jogging) 3.1 miles today. YeeHaw!!! That is the length of a 5K.

I DID IT!!!!!! I actually ran an entire 5K without stopping, slowing down or this time over doing it. I was actually able to talk through it the entire time. WooHoo!!!!!

Scary thought...I am actually starting to enjoy running again. I haven't enjoyed it since I ran track in high school. Yikes!

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