Friday, July 10, 2009

More summer fun

Wow! It has been quite some time since I last posted. We have had an absolute blast of a summer so far. Busy, but great.

We vacationed to NYC this past weekend. It was the first time for the kids and they were troopers. Especially my youngest 2. We kept them out till midnight several nights and they just went right along without any meltdown. Baby girl took naps in my lap, on the tour bus, on the subways, or while we were eating dinner at 9pm at night.

Our only somewhat of a meltdown was when youngest son was way past done (it was the first day we were there and it was 11:30pm at night and we had done a TON of walking) he was exhausted. We were waiting, for what seemed like an eternity when you are tired, for the subway to go back to the hotel. He was afraid the subway would never come and then we would be stuck in the city all night and no place to go. So he started to cry. Poor guy. I think he was not used to seeing mom and dad "wing it", and not know exactly where we were going, and how to get there etc. Too much on the little guy. But we LOVED winging it. It was so much fun. But too much uncertainty for him.

Today we are celebrating his 8th birthday. Happy Birthday little guy. I often think, it should be the mom who should be celebrated on this day. After 9 months of being kicked and heart burn and swelling, not to mention the labor and delivery. So today I am silently celebrating that I made it through the 9 months, labor, delivery and raising him for the last 8 years. So "Happy survival day to me!" Praise God for getting me through this far!!

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