Saturday, March 27, 2010

A funny

When you just need to step back and have a really good laugh at yourself....

This weekend we decided we needed a break from all the craziness of life. So, we packed up the truck and headed to our condo at the beach. It has been way too long since we have spent any time there. With my old job working weekends and the kids sports schedule, there never was a free weekend. It would always be someone missing something or a big production. That did not make it fun to think about coming down here.

Now with my new job and not working weekends. It is going to be much easier to enjoy this place.

Last night we were trying to find someplace to eat. It is still the off season so many places are still shut down and have not opened yet. We found an awesome place to get the BEST burgers. WOW!!! It's called Five Guys. Go if you ever get the chance. It was incredible!!

Afterwards, we were driving around and looking for other places that were open for future eating out possibilites. I always tend to look for places that have lots of cars. If its busy, it must be good right? Well, I spotted a parking lot that was packed!! Packed at this time of year? It must be REALLY good. I mention this to Hubby and the others.

"Look at that place! It must be really good. The parking lot is packed."
Noone responded as they were trying to find the place I had seen.
So I pointed it out to them
"Right there"
That's when I saw it. The sign of the place....It was a car dealership!
And that is when we all lost it and laughed our way back to the condo.
So much for the really good resturant I thought I had found.

WOW! See I really did need a break!!

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