Saturday, April 17, 2010


Milestones.....good? or bad?

Yesterday my Dad hit a milestone....He turned 70 years old. WOW!
Does that make me old too???
Not sure I can handle me thinking of making that milestone. But then again, at least I would have made it to then as well. Hmmm..

Milestones...they make me think....

I know when I had my little ones, I couldn't wait for them to hit that next thing. Ahhhh! They were growing up. Hitting those milestones at the right times, they are developing normally.

Now as I think of my kids hitting milestones, it almost makes me sad. Noooo!! They are growing up. I guess there is no pleasing me. LOL!

Isn't it funny how that works....
When you are young, you can't wait to be all grown up.
When you are all grown up, you wish you had your youth back.
When your kids are little and you are in the midst of the chaos, you can't wait for them to grow up.
Once they are getting beyond those difficult years, you wish they were back that age (believe it or not it was easier).

Just makes me remember to...
Enjoy each day for what it gives you.
Celebrate life today instead of waiting for tomorrow to bring what you think you want.
Only to realize you wanted what you had, but now it is gone.

Carpe Diem as they say!
So happy birthday Dad and we are going to enjoy the day to it's fullest!!!!

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