Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home sick

Today is day 2 that I have been away from my family. I am away for work. Four full days of training that I had to travel out of state for.

It's not that I have not been away without my hubby and kids before, I have.

Ususally it is a fun ladies retreat, or girls getaway.
Usually, I only do an overnight.
Usually, I am on my way home by now, if not home already.

I think I am also ready to be home knowing that I still have 2 more nights away. It makes it seem so long away.

Normally its a fun trip or a business trip with my hubby. He is the one in training and I am running around having fun. Now it is me having the training and not having hubby or kids or having fun.

Not fun in the sense of a pleasure trip, but we are having our laughs and giggles. And I do enjoy my coworkers that I am with. So it is not horrible, just that I miss my family.

We have tests everyday and will have a final at the end of training. I better get back to studying.

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