Monday, June 14, 2010

Attitude adjustment


Here we sit in the beautiful mountains of Deep Creek Lake. The scenery is absolutely breath taking, and I need an attitude adjustment.


Yes. I have planned this family vacation for a year now, and everything I thought we would do, we probably will NOT do. How frustrating!!!

It is difficult to plan activities that interest all ages from a teenage boy wanting adventure and thrill, to a little 6 year old girlie girl who just wants to color in a coloring book. WOW!! What a challenge!!

I am noticing how my disappointment with weather, inability to do the activities I WANT to do & planned is affecting the mood of my family.

So I need an attitude adjustment, and give this vacation to the Lord and all He wants it to be for us. To enjoy my family no matter what activities we do. Even if it is just playing on the computer together or watching a movie. We are together without all the distractions and responsibilities that we have at home (Thanks to Hubby for helping me realize this).

So I am going to start out each day asking
"OK, Lord. What do you have for us today?"

And go with it and enjoy it!!

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