Friday, July 23, 2010


Summer is just flying by. It is hard to believe it is already the end of July. It looks like the last post was when we had just arrived for our vacation.

I am pleased to say we had an absolutely amazing time. It was filled with adventure (hiking trails and seeing waterfalls) thrills (riding the mountain coaster 3 times. If curious go to www.wisp resort and check out the mountain coaster. It was way cooler than it even looks), fun (riding go carts, bumper boats, playing lazer tag, mini golf, and aracade games one day all day), relaxation (soaking in the hot tub at the cabin each night) bonding (bonfires, family board games, rooting for USA soccer team for the World Cup) plus lots of other great things.

It was truely a vacation that was memorable, and meaningful. Great conversations, great bonding, and time with each other.

Now I am ready to start planning next year's vacation. Hmmm. So where in the world (or east coast) are we going to end up next year? Well time will tell.

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