Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Man's surgery

My brave little man had oral surgery today.
He went in knowing what was going to happen.
He asked all his questions, to which he had some very good ones for a 9 year old....i.e. "What are the side effects?" -referring this question to the anesethiologist about the anesethsia he would be getting. Impressive.
He was prepared, nervous, and ready to put the whole thing behind him. Ready to be done with it and on the otherside.

They give him some versed (to make him sleepy) before taking him back to the OR.
The doctor comes back to check if he took the medicine. The doctor asks "Did you drink that medicine?"
Little man's response "Yes, and it was nasty!" That's my boy. He gives it to you honestly.
The doctor chuckled and agreed with him that it is indeed "nasty".

They came and got him as he was starting to act a little drunk. We gave him our kisses and hugs and away he went. (He later told me he fell asleep on the gurney before they ever put the breathing mask on him in the OR. he was relieved about that.)

With tears in my eyes as I see my little man roll down the hall without me, we walked the opposite way to sit and wait in the waiting room. Even though he would only be 45 minutes, it still felt like an eternity.

The surgery went very well and exactly as planned. We were brought back to where they would bring him. He had already been to the recovery room and had begun to wake up. He was a true champion through it all.

His biggest issues have been the constant vomiting, and complaints of a sore throat. He has not complained too much about the stitches in the roof of his mouth, or the stitches around each tooth. The vomiting will stop once the anesethsia is out of his system, and the sore throat may hang on for a day or two. The sore throat is from the ET tube (breathing tube) they put down his throat for the surgery.

The next hurdle to get over, will be his eating. He will not be able to use his front teeth for a month. They were all loosened during surgery and need to reset themselves. If they don't reset, he could lose them like baby teeth, yet they are his permenant teeth. For the next 2 weeks it will be all soft foods.

Well need to go, he is starting to stir (he's been napping, giving me the opportunity to blog. I probably should have been tackling Mount Laundry, but wanted to be close when he woke up).

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