Monday, July 26, 2010

A few vacation pics

Here are a few pics from the vacation. The hot tub was great to soak in after hiking, or just to relax in.
Man oh Man, I came home wanting one (to put it mildly).

One of our first hikes to an abandon mine. Notice babygirls attire for hiking. LOL! She always puts her girlie ways to work. A SKIRT to hike in??? I didn't even notice until we were half way up the mountain. Oh well. It worked for her. LOL.

This was the first waterfall we saw. It was amazing and beautiful!!
Later on in the hike, we came across a smaller waterfall that cascaded into a little cove with a beach. Even though the water was FREEZING the kids went in swimming anyways. They may never have another chance to swim with waterfalls around them.
So many other experiences. Wanted to upload the mountain coaster, but need to figure out how to get it from my phone to here. Hmmm. Technology sometimes baffles me. That's when I say..."Oh honey....." LOL.

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