Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Man's Progress

Little man is progressing well with his healing. He is not able to eat with his front teeth yet, but can manage soft foods with his back teeth. Most of the stitches have come out. One by one that is. He feels the need to show me each one. " Mom, here is another one" as he is holding it up high with pride. GROSS! I try not to cringe in his sight, and politely say "OK, go put it in the trash".  I certainly don't want to diminish his prize possessions from all he has had to go through. Praise God he doesn't want to keep them. We already had what they removed in surgery in a specimen container (which we convinced him to put under his pillow to give to the tooth fairy.)

One more week of not eating crunchy foods, and three more weeks till he can use his front teeth.

I had asked him a few days after his surgery how he was doing. He seemed good, just a little out of it.

His response.....was not a verbal one.....

Rather, a non-verbal one.

What was his response.....

He carefully picked a flower out of the basket he had received from his grandparents as a get well gesture. He chose the flower with purpose and with poise.

He then proceeded to put the flower in his mouth (like he was getting ready to do the Tango) and grabbed me ever so gently to begin a delicate dance with his mama. Then he says...

"Does that tell you how I am doing? I am doing great!"

Oh man!! What a romantic at heart. His future wife will be so blessed. Until then, I get to receive such blessings!!!

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