Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting the itch

I'm in trouble!!!!


Well, I am definitely getting the itch to go away. I know we just went on vacation 2 months ago, but I feeling the need to escape..

Escape what, you may be thinking, It's summertime after all.

Here is why I may be in trouble.....

School is just about to start, we are in the last week of summer vacation, and I still have to work and we are not going anywhere before school starts.

Then we are thrust into the school year and soccer practices/games for all four kids. The opportunity to go away greatly diminishes.

But, I am one who needs to get away every so often. If I don't get away, I feel sufficated, closterphobic if you wish, or just plain and simple....cabin fever.

I feel the need to explore, spread my wings, and just go where the wind may take me.

I know some people (like my mom) cannot relate to me. They are perfectly fine to stay home, not travel, content to stay in their world where they are.

NOT ME...... I want to know what else is out there that I may be missing out on. Take me to the action. Even if that action is a beautiful waterfall, a mountain to hike, or rollercoaster to ride.

LETS GO!!!!!

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