Monday, August 23, 2010

The mom debate

Oh what a night

You see, Babygirl fell asleep at 5:30 last night. You moms are already seeing the problem.

We have been keeping her busy and staying up late. Most days she has been taking a nap (which she gave up last year) but yesterday she crashed before dinner. She went upstairs to play in her room and at some point curled up onto her bed and drifted off into la la land. I only noticed this when she had been very quiet for too long. How precious, and peaceful she looked.

That, starts the mom wake her up or leave her sleep (and for how long)

*Will she stay asleep through the night?
*Will she wake up hungry (she had no dinner)?
*If I wake her up will it be midnight before she goes back to sleep?
*Which is worse for me????
       -Possibly being woke up in the middle of the night with a starving girl or possibly having a little girl who wont go back to sleep??

I chose to leave her sleep.....

As I had predicted, Babygirl woke up as I was heading up the stairs to go to bed (at least it wasn't when I had just fallen asleep).....

"Yes, sweetie."
"I'm starving. Why is everything so dark? and where is everyone?"
"Let's get you a snack. You fell asleep at dinner time and now it is the middle of the night and everyone is asleep"
With an absolutely priceless face of confusion she says "Huh??"

And so it went.. Trying to explain it was the middle of the night, getting her some food to fill her belly, trying to convince her she needed togo back to sleep when she was not tired at all. I did finally manage to get her back to sleep after what seemed like an eternity to me. However, she was restless the rest of the night. Coming into our room several times and eventually sleeping with us.

Hmmmm.....not sure I won the debate on that one. Maybe I should have woke her up....

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