Friday, August 6, 2010


Today I went to my friends' PopPop's funeral. I didn't know the man, but it was very evident to all who attended that he was a dearly loved man.

During the service, my thoughts went to my friend and her family, and to the time when my grandmother passed away. I remember feeling  that the whole world should have stopped. I was grieving and so should everyone else.

I remember struggling with people going on with their normal everyday lives. Hearing conversations of people going to the movies, or doing something fun, baffled me. Didn't they realize my grandmother had just died. Have some respect people. Everyone, the whole world should stop....because my whole world had just crumbled, didn't their world crumble too.

But in reality, they might have only known someone died because of the funeral procession, not because they were in any way affected by the loss of a great person.

I want to always remember those feelings as to relate to others who are going through such a loss as I did. I still may have the right words to say, or even know what to say, but I understand the loss.

Life eventually goes on, but not the same. It will never be the same. But it is ok, especially when there is assurance in knowing our loved ones are with our Lord, and we will one day see them again.

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