Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy already

Summer is here and we are in the full swing of it. Well, we are attempting it between all these summer storms we keep having. Lots of rain and thunderstorms. I thought April showers bring May flowers. What do you say when May and June has just as much rain as April?

We have already christened the pool, attempted a pool party (rained so we just had the kids over and watched Mall Cop), starting with golf lessons tomorrow. The kids have had a full onslaught water balloon fight with the babysitter. It was such a good fight, even when I came home from work, the babysitter wasn't ready to leave and the kids continued for another 30 minutes. I love having a babysitter that the kids absolutely love. I came home and babygirl was crying no mommy, and saying she wanted babysitter to come everyday. We also have attend a couple of graduation parties (we have a total of 5).

It's been fun so far with much more to come. Next up is....after golf lessons in the morning then on to a movie birthday party (the whole family will go minus hubby. Hubby will be in Chicago) more graduation parties, tennis next week, a date night for hubby and I, and a day/night to the beach.

I just love summer activities!!

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