Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I am spending the day running kids to golf lessons and hoping to stay in and do a ton of laundry. The pile resembles that of Mt. Everest, however I think my pile might even beat that big mountain. Too much time spent out of the house, and not enough time at home. The time I have been home I have just collapsed and wanted to do NOTHING.

So we did the golf lesson in the morning for the 2 older kids, I went to the gym while they were there. The 2 younger kids got to play in the kids gym. After lessons we came home and started on the laundry and checking facebook of course. I have until this afternoon, then it will be time for little man's golf lesson. He is so excited he can barely contain himself. Then I need to go and sign him up for tennis. He chose not to do baseball this summer so that he could do tennis this summer. Then it will be home to do more laundry and hopefully not get called in. If I don't get called in to work then we will head to a concert tonight. The family will still go even if I don't get to go. Oh I hope I get to go!

I guess I should stop blogging about what I am going to do and actually go do it. Ha! Now that is a good thought. First I am going to shower and spend some time in God's precious Word. Then back to rebooting the laundry beast.

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