Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have reached another milestone. Albeit a small one, I still consider it a milestone.

I have lost another 2 pound for a total of 15 pounds so far. WooHoo!!!

I kind of took a month off of intense workouts and eating right. With that I was able to maintain my weight. I still worked out. It was just more like 2 times a week versus 5-6 times. I still attempted to eat right, I just cheated a lot more. So all in all, I am pleased that I at least maintain and didn't gain back what I originally had lost. Whew!!! That would be rotten to have to lose that weight all over again. Once was bad enought but twice, yikes!!

I have had several sessions with the personal trainer. Whew!! He certainly does kick my butt. My arms feel like they are sore 24/7. I kept asking him yesterday "You sure I signed up for this? That I am PAYING you to torture me?" He kept reassuring me that yes it was my idea. UGH!!! The price I am paying for vanity (and for health too, having to lose 30-35 pounds does make me unhealthy)

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