Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soccer tourny

Today was a busy day, but a fun one. It started with an all day soccer tourny for Oldest son. He is in high school now (ugh...can't believe it) and is playing on the varsity soccer team.

Being a freshman he wasn't sure he would play at all. Much to our surprise and delight, he started the game. I suddenly became the proud mama, only to be humbled later when son said all the seniors and some juniors were not there to play. That was why he started. Ok I was still a proud mama.

Coach apparently said "Ok, freshman and sophmores, here is your chance to show me what you got. Let's go." So away my boy went. He played an awesome game. And again I was the proud mama.
He started the next game and played the entire first half, until.....he twisted his ankle. Ugh. He was hopping, and limping around, but refused to ask to be taken out. When half time came and went, and the game restarted, my boy was on the bench. Apparently, he told coach about his ankle. He did not play anymore the rest of the day. :(
At least when he was able to play, he did play very well, and was able to show the coach what he could offer the team.........when he is healthy.

Oldest son came away from the day, saying "Mom, that was so fun playing with those older guys. They were shovin me around pretty good, and I gave it right back to them. Did you see how they totally grabbed my jersey? That just fired me up more! It was such a blast!" Yup, that's my Mr. Intensity.

Oldest son was also exposed to playing with the varsity teams of 2 public schools. Needless to say he heard LOTS of swearing and using the Lord's name in vain. He was so disgusted about it. He commented "Mom, there really was no need for all of it. I know I get pretty intense (an understatement), but it just looked bad. It really surprised me. I even saw them get so mad they were on the ground and pound their fist on the ground. It looked like a tantrum. It was kind of funny to watch that." I am so grateful that he could see what bad sportsmanship looked like and how NOT to act. Oldest son plays for a christian school and represents Christ everytime he puts his uniform on ( well, really at all times). What does he look like when he gets beat on a ball, when his team loses, when the referees are being unfair. Is he being Christlike in sports? You don't have to be a wimp and be Christlike. Just gave him something to reflect on.

What a great experience.

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