Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A whirlwind

These last few weeks have been some of the most stressful times and yet when I look back at it, I see God's hand in all of it.

Dad's surgery went very well, however the recovery part has not been so easy. He spent 4 days in ICU and is now on the stepdown unit. He, finally, is starting to recover the way he was supposed to. All the complications have resolved at this point. Hopefully he will come home in the next day or two. Praise God he is ok. I spent one night at his bedside so Mom could go home and get some sleep. She came and relieved me the next morning at 6am. Again, praise God he is out of the woods. Now it will be just the typical recovery and least I pray it is.

The other stressful thing that has been going on for the last several months, started in March, is my job situation. This will have to be another blog entry as so much has happened. To me it is an absolute evidence of how God loves and takes care of me....even if I was the only person on earth, he loves ME! It is a chapter in our love story.....God and me. Like I said, another entry as it still is unfolding.

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