Sunday, August 30, 2009

First day at a new school

Tomorrow is going to be the first day at a new school for my 2 youngest kids. They are switching schools.
My youngest son is going into second grade, and is soooo excited. He had all his clothes layed out before dinner. His back pack is ready to go. I just need to make his lunch in the morning. As I put him to bed tonight, he said "I am so excited to be going to a school that is just perfect for me. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight." Such a change from not wanting to go to school last year. It was a tough year for him. My prayer is that he finds some solid christian friends. As solid as a second grader can be.

Babygirl is not so excited. She has never wanted to change schools and wants to stay in her preschool classroom for the rest of her school days. A funny picture to imagine a highschooler in a preschool room, LOL. She usually has a very difficult time with the separation part. Cries, and clings, you have to pull her off of me. It's heart breaking for me. Last school year she would come home and tell me she cried a couple of times throughout the day. "Why?" I asked. She would say "cause I missed you" or "I didn't want my carrots" or "I had to go to the bathroom". Always some reason or another that she would have tears during the day. I pray she has matured this summer, enough to be able to get through the day without tears. Hopefully she will notice the other kids NOT crying and then won't do so herself.
I also think her teacher didn't mind her tears and would treat her special because of the tears. Maybe babygirl is smarter than we give her credit for and was using tears as a way to get attention from her teacher. Hmmm....
That won't work this year. Even though her teacher is as sweet as they come, she will need to be a big girl. My prayer for her is that she can drop off and go through the day without tears. And that she makes some nice friends.
Here's to the start of something new!

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