Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A funny thing

A funny thing happened to me. I was checking my email and came across and interesting one. Figuring it was spam, I almost didn't read it.

I opened this email, and that's when the laughing started. Apparently, someone has been following my blog and enjoyed reading it, so......here it comes......the funny part.......

she invited me to be a featured blogger on a popular site.

I find this really humorus as I don't say much in particular on my blog. It's not political, it's not comical, I don't offer tips and pointers. It's not a self help (except that it is a help for me to blurt out to the world what is going on in my life-I'm not sure that helps anyone). It's not even grammatically correct.

That's why I am laughing. If I were to say ok, I really have nothing to say.

So I will politely decline, out of self preservation.

Such a funny lady to offer such a funny thing. Albeit sweet and a compliment, it really is just funny.

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