Friday, September 4, 2009



Yes, we survived the first week of school with my 2 youngest children. Yahoo!!!!
The kids LOVE their new school. They come home excited and with so much to tell me about.
A far cry from what it was last year. Whew!!!!

My little man has refriended (if that is even a is descriptive though) a boy in his class. It was a little boy who was on his first T-Ball team when he was just a little 4 year old boy. Double that age and they meet again at 8 years old. Everyday when I pick him up and when I drop him off at school in the morning it is a constant barage of.....

"Can my friend come over for a playdate?" or "Can I go over my friends house for a playdate?" or "Can so and so spend the night?" or "Can I spend the night at so and so's house?"

All with the same ending.....TODAY.

He is so enjoying this little boy that they don't want to spend a minute apart. YIKES!!!! I prayed for little man to find a good friend. WOW!! Did God answer FAST!!!!

We do know this little boy's family and they are sweet. At least I don't need to find out if I approve of this family before he can have his playdate. WHEW!! Thank you Lord. I don't think litttle man or his friend would make it, nor would I, without exploding! So, we will plan a playdate. Not today as they would like, but definitely someday very soon.

Little girl, STILL....ugh, has difficulty dropping off. She just won't let me go. It's just the actual event of separating. She does awesome the rest of the time, her teacher says so, and so does babygirl. Once I actually get her to let go of me and take her teachers hand, I go out her door, and I go to the window to her classroom (it is along the sidewalk so I am not being a stalker). I wave to her. She waves back or nods her head that she sees me. Now, if she would only do that after I walk her to her desk.

Any suggestions from anyone on how to get her to stop it?

Last year, I even tried rewarding her (ok, maybe it was more like bribing, but, ugh.... I was desperate) and it didn't work. I am grateful though, that she really does love her new school and her teachers. Praise God for that!!!!

Next, it will be to send off my older 2 sons. They start the day after labor day. Whew! That will be another post, a freshman and a six grade middle schooler...... 2 new worlds for them as well!

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