Monday, September 7, 2009

First day of school- take 2

Oops, I didn't post this yesterday. Well here it is.

Tomorrow is yet another first day of school for us. It's the older 2 kids turn.

My oldest is starting his new adventures in high school. Wow! A freshman. I just can't believe it. I remember when I was a freshman and is seems only like yesterday, not 20 years ago.

I remember the fun times hanging out with friends, and the gigglefests we used to have. Trying to get certain guys to notice you and dating. Going to dances and proms, and of course skipping school to go off to the beach. Talking on the phone for hours. So many, many memories.

And to think, my son is now going to start making those memories too. It is a little scary for me to think about, but it is exciting too. There is no time like it, when you have freedom (that you earned from being trustworthy) and independence, yet the security of not being on you own yet. Having mom and dad there to keep the boundaries, limits and to be able to reel in when needed.

I praise God, that so far, we have a loving, respectful, and caring son who really does like to be with his family as much as he does his friends. Most importantly he has a heart for God.

And so far we don't embarress him. I hope we never do.

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