Friday, December 12, 2008

Making cookies

I am so excited. I have the morning home and I decided to keep Babygirl home from school as well. We are going to make my cookies for the cookie swap and work on the ever forming mountain of laundry. That will be my morning.

Then I need to get widget from school and run carpool for the half day. Which means I run to the school, 30 minutes away, instead of the bus stop, 6 minutes away. Only the elementary students have a half day, because they have their Christmas program tonight. Another mom will run the carpool for the bus today, with my oldest on it. After getting the kids and taking them to their respective places, I need to get my thoughts together how the cookie swap will go (I have never gone to one or hosted one), get 2 prizes, wrap gifts for the family party later saturday and clean the house. All before 5pm when we need to leave for widget's christmas show and band concert. (I am still amazed at myself that I let my son play the drums. What was I thinking? That is so out of character for me. A weak moment I guess).

Off to make those raspberry oatmeal cookies!!Yum!!

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