Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A revelation and a blessing

I had a very wonderful thing happen to me yesterday. I was having one of those reflective afternoons. My thoughts were random at best, but did have a conclusion.
I was remembering this summer when God so richly blessed us, how I felt so on fire for God. He was definitely my focus. As the school year started and I started working more hours, my focus was not completely on the Lord. I noticed I didn't see the Lord blessing us in the same way. I am not saying A + B = C, but that when my world completely centers around God, I do feel more blessed. Maybe it is I see more, maybe I don't take blessings for granted, I don't know.

I do know I have had a lack of focus lately. I complain about having to work more than I want. Yet, I told hubby I do not want to put any christmas on the credit cards. I want to pay for christmas entirely with cash. Well I didn't have that much saved up. So is God answering my prayers to pay for Christmas in cash? Yet I am complaining about Him providing that possibility? Round and round I went.

The conclusion..... what matters is that I put my whole being in God's hand to do what He pleases and when. That's it. I will praise God for the extra work to pay for Christmas. I will praise God when the days are long and I have more than I think I can handle. And I will praise God when my paycheck comes.

Not long after my conclusion and resolve to just put God first. A refocus. A friend whom I have been getting to know better this past year, calls me up and asks if I will be home. Yes I will. So she drops by and gives me this enormous gift basket with all kinds of yummy stuff in it. There are 2 very large mugs, 4 plastic holiday cups for the kids, a box of hot chocolate (the good kind with marshmellows in them), a box of tea bags for hot tea, a container of gourmet chocolate chip cookie mix from the gospel shop, 4 pretzel rods with carmel and candy on top from Sweet Serenity(a local gourmet chocolate shop), as well as many truffels from Sweet Serenity, plus a variety of other candy for the kids like kit kats, candy canes, a candy cane tube filled with M & M's. It was amazing!!! It was so beautifully put together. I know it had to cost her a fortune too. She is raising her young kids so I know she is on a budget. The sacrifice she gave for me.

I was really blown away and I still am. I asked her why, and she so humbly said "Just for everything you do".WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! I guess those things you wonder if it matters, really does matter. I showed hubby the basket and told him of my day. And he says " I wonder if God wants to reinforce your idea to refocus on Him. " I don't know if it is coincidence or a God moment, but yet again when my focus was on Him he blessed me. Praise God for who He is!

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