Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a night!

Whew! Last night was a rough one. Babygirl just could not get settled last night. Everytime she fell asleep, she would wake up about an hour later and ask some question about MomMom Dodd.
"Yes, babygirl"
"Where is MomMom Dodd now?"
"She is in heaven with Jesus."
"But we will see her at the fumera?"
"At the funeral, we will see her body laying in a casket, that looks like a bed in a box?"
"But her heart is in heaven."
"That's right"
"Oh, ok good night"
"Good night sweetie."

Then an hour later it would be.
"Mommy, can MomMom Dodd walk in heaven?"
and so the night went. Hour after hour. Poor girl was exhausted in the morning. So was I. I hope I gave her the right answers. How do you explain death and heaven and a soul to a 4 year old in the middle of the night. Ugh. I pray God spoke through me last night. I think she finally had a 3 hour period of solid sleep from 4am-7am.

I allowed the kids to stay home today from school if they wanted. Everyone did except my oldest. His class was shooting off their bottle rockets that they made in science and he didn't want to miss it. With babygirl's lack of sleep and everyone just not themselves, I was going crazy. The kids were just as onery (sp) as they could be. UGH!!! Hubby left for a little while to get his hair cut so he escaped the madness. So tonight hubby stayed home while I went shopping. A little retail therapy. AHHH!! For those of you who know me, know I really don't like to shop, but anything to get out of the house and a break from the kids. That sounds terrible, but it is the truth.
I actually went to buy oldest son a suit. He is an honorary pall bearer and will be part of the ceremony. He did not even have a sports coat. So I went and bought the store out. He is growing so much I just couldn't decide on which size he was. So I bought all 3 sizes I thought he could be. I will be returning the ones that did not fit tomorrow.

I am sending all kids to school tomorrow and have taken off work myself. I get a bereavement day. Hopefully, I can get all those last minute things done. Widget still needs new dress shoes, his look terrible. I need to get a haircut, not sure that will get done. Oh well, we shall see what really happens. Tomorrow I do plan to spend some time soaking in God's Word and being still ("be still and know that I am") and have that peace that only comes from Him.

Tomorrow has got to be better than today.

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