Friday, February 20, 2009

When it rains it pours

Today I took my oldest son to the doctor....again. He is beginning to be an expensive child here lately. LOL.

He came home from school wednesday and told me about an incident in gym class that day. They were playing kickball with a giant kickball. My son somehow got hit in the ear with the ball. He said it hurt a little. So I told him we would keep an eye on it and see how it was the next day or two.
Thursday he came home from school and told me his ear began ringing off and on throughout the day, and also hurt off and on as well. Ok we will see the doctor. He went to pep band that night (he plays the trumpet) and when I picked him up he said a boy was talking to his left and he barely heard him. Oh boy. He also felt like he had fluid or something clogged in his ear.

Well took him to the doctor today and he has a ruptured eardrum. UGH!!!! He was on antibiotics for his sinus infection which should have helped his ear, but didn't. So now it is getting infected as well. They put him on a stonger antibiotic and gave him ear drops as well. They want to see him in a week to make sure it is healing.

So for my oldest in the last week we have had 2 doctors visits=2 copays, 4 different prescription medications, plus another doctor visit next week=another copay, plus a new suit (for the funeral). Whew!! He is going to break my bank. I know they say kids get more expensive the older they get. I am finding that to be true. Thankfully we have good health insurance and it really isn't an issue, but it could be. Praise God it isn't.

Thankfully my son has a pretty high threshold of pain, and motrin does the trick. Poor kid has had a lot to deal with these last 2 weeks.

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My Little Nest said...

Poor guy! I didn't know all that, and saw him all day at the funeral. He's definitely not a complainer. Hope his ear heals quickly.