Sunday, March 15, 2009

Movie Review

This weekend we hosted a "Fireproof"' movie night. Unfortunately, each time we planned to see it, either in the theatre or at home, something came up and we needed to reschedule. So, we finally made it happen, with only one couple having sick kids and not being able to come. Not too bad for a third attempt. LOL.
We had many couples coming and not one had seen the movie yet. We were all in for the anticipation together. We all had heard the movie was great and had produced lots of tears.
One of the couples that came, brought "manly tissues". If he was going to cry, he was certainly not going to use flowery girlie tissues. LOL. So they decorated boxes of tissues. Manly ones with nascar theme, and girlie ones with gold and gold coins. It was hilarious!!
It was indeed a great movie. A must see for any married couple. I won't tell what happens in case anyone hasn't seen it, but definitely go see it!!!!!

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