Saturday, March 7, 2009

A typical day with a happy ending.

Yesterday, I told my husband I needed time away with just him. I needed a date. No if and's or butt's we were going to go out and do something.
So I called our babysitter and made the arrangements.
That meant we needed to get the house ready for the babysitter. Ok kids time to get to the chores and start with cleaning your room and then rec. room. Well the bedrooms got cleaned and next was the rec. room. The middle 2 boys just could not get along. Ugh!! I hear yelling at each other, and name calling and boys not keeping their hands to themselves (someone was on their way to getting hurt), just being plain ole mean to each other. So I needed to intervene. I don't tolerate kids not respecting other people and that includes their siblings.
So I send the middle 2 boys to their room for an hour to spend time with each other to learn to get along. They needed to have forced time together to learn to appreciate each other. It worked. They came out of their room the best of friends. They even went outside and worked on a project together, building some kind of fort. Whew! Boy, I was really ready for that date.

Hubby and I went to the beach and had dinner. It was so nice and the weather was absolutely fantastic. We had a great time talking and not being interrupted by a child. We ended up getting coffee and going to the bookstore. What a relaxing time, SOOOOOO needed.
We came home and heard all about the kids adventure with the babysitter. They made ziti for dinner and milkshakes for dessert AND DID ALL THE DISHES!!!! Oh how I love our babysitter. Thank you God for putting her into our lives.

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