Sunday, November 1, 2009

Difficult weeks

It's been a difficult time around here this past few weeks.

Hubby's grandmom fell and broke her hip, which led to a hip replacement, which led to her getting pneumonia, which led to being put on a ventilator. Then to be taken off the ventilator have a great day and decline later that night. The decision was made not to put her back on the breathing machine as those were her wishes. So a morophine drip was started to make her comfortable and no longer in pain, and eventually she breathed her last breath on earth. She passed away last wednesday and the funeral was today. That all took place over about 2 weeks.

Heaven received a great prayer warrior. We will be sad to not have her here, but happy for her to finally be home in heaven with her Lord.

We also had 2 sick little kids. My youngest 2 contracted the H1N1 flu. They were quite sick and the doctor was worried about babygirl. She didn't want to cough because it hurt too much. If she didn't cough, she could end up with pneumonia. The pneumonia is what alot of the kids are dying from, not the flu itself. Thankfully, both kids were given Tamiflu, and were able to recover much quicker. They were still sick for 5 days, though. That's a LONG time.

It has made me a germaphobe. I should have bought stock in clorox. LOL. I have done more disinfecting, bleaching, lysoling, washing sheets, and pillows, and clothes, and anything that might have been contaminated. Not to mention being a pest about everyone washing their hands, coughing into a tissue, quarentining (is that a word?) the older 2 kids, and using hand sanitzer.

Needless to say, that is why the blog has been quiet. Hopefully, life will get back to some sort of normal routine.

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