Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treating....Not

In my last post, I mentioned how my 2 youngest kids had the H1N1 flu. The kids were recovering, they were fever free, but not out of the contagious period (fever free for 24 hours). So we needed to cancel trick or treating for them.
Oh did the tears come......
But they really did understand......
And so they accepted it, although they didn't like it.......

I had mentioned how I had 2 sad little kids who would not be able to trick or treat.
A few hours later we hear a knock at our door. A dear friend from church had trick or treated to my kids. Since they couldn't go out, she came to them. She had brought them each a pumpkin bucket filled to the top with candy, and activity books, and toys.
Their eyes lit up, their mouths turned into huge smiles with the surprise. As my friend left and I closed the door, the kids tore up the stairs squealing to show their daddy what they just received. What a blessing to see my kids blessed by my friend. To see them smiling and giddy after being so sick brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Debbie.
The story goes on. Our neighbor across the street, always calls us the night before to make sure we are stopping by to trick or treat. We told her they were not trick or treating due to their sickness. She gave them each another huge bag of candy. So very kind of you Julie. Grandma gave them each a bag of candy too. The giving didn't stop Halloween either. Their Aunt stopped by a bag full of trick and treat candy today for them as well. Thank you Robin. These 2 little kids who did not trick or treat, got more candy than the older 2 who did. How blessed we are to have such loving friends and family. God is good. All the time.

Most of that all happened Halloween afternoon. Later that evening, I needed to take the older 2 kids to a halloween party where they would do their trick or treating. As I left, my creative little boy was stilled bothered that his sister did not get to trick or treat. He was ok that he didn't, he had the candy. But he thought babygirl should not be neglected to dress up and enjoy that time. When I returned, I found the most precious sight.

Little man had taken the candy that they had received and put it at different places in the house. They had dressed up in costumes and were taking their new pumpkin buckets and trick or treating to these designated spots. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!!!! He created their own little make believe neighborhood. They stopped at daddy's office, brothers bedroom, their own bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, etc. Anyplace that had a door that they could knock on and say trick or treat and then take some candy. I don't think babygirl can appreciate what a special boy her brother is, and how much he adores her. I pray she will know one day.

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