Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a flicker can do

It's amazing this blizzard, or shall I say double blizzard, or snowmaggedon, or snowpocolypse as so many others are calling this.

We have been stuck inside, sooooo much. AHHHHHH!!!! Kids have had only 1 1/2 days of school in the last 2 weeks, due to all this snow. It is incredible. I feel like I went to sleep in Delaware, and woke up in Alaska. Hey! Someone moved me without asking. Hmph!

The snow yesterday was not a fun snow. Blizzard conditions so the wind was whipping around with about 50mh gusts. Because it started out as rain then snow, the stuff underneath is ice. Kids did not want to go out in it. They are tired of it. The first 3 days it was a constant in and out, but after that it was OLD.

So last night, Hubby decided to have a wii tourny to get the energy out of these kidos, and to get us ALL moving. During the final round to see who was the winner, the champion, the gold medalist in boxing.... the lights flickered.....YIKES!!!

Suddenly, hubby and I jump up(needless to say neither one of us were in the finals..and yes we did try) and start running around, plugging in cell phones, doing the dinner dishes, drawing water in the bath tub, putting the clothes in the washer into the dryer, getting kids to brush their teeth and get jammies on, lighting a candle, getting the flashlight, and on and on we went. It is amazing how after just a few days we totally relaxed in being prepared for a power outage. We just laughed at ourselves at the tizzy we went into thinking we had dropped the ball after all that time.

Now this morning when we woke up, power never went out (praise God) and we had a head start with a clean kitchen and coffee made and hot in the carafe. Now we have more time to dig out...ho hum. Let the marathon digging out begin!!

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