Friday, February 26, 2010

A win/win for mom! Yay!

Yesterday I tried a new tactic. We were out late due to a meeting at church that went longer than anticipated. Nothing new, I know.

Well, it was still a late night, and I wanted the kids to feel the same urgency to get into bed that I did. So, we did a contest. It wasn't the first one to get jammies on, teeth brushed and into bed first got the prize. Because as soon as one person wins the rest just give up and noone has the urgency anymore.

So I decided to reward anyone who completed the above tasks by a certain time. It was a challenge, and one had to hussle in order to have those tasks completed....but it was winable.

I told them whoever got jammies on, brushed their teeth, and got in bed by 9:20pm would receive Mommy time for whatever they wanted to do. They could choose from playing doll house to cooking a new recipe on their own with Mommy to supervise, or snuggle time. Whatever they chose (of course it could not cost any money like going to the movies or something) I would do with them as long as it qualified.

It worked. I have 3 kids that I have reward time with. BONUS!!!!! They got to bed in record time and I get to spend some quality time with them, doing something they want. WIN/WIN!!!

Love it!

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