Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Has your spouse ever had an idea that they want to do and you are like "What?". You think they are off their rocker and totally lost their marbles. I am fortunate enough to experience those moments frequently. My husband is a big thinker, visionary guy. Which I absolutely love. It makes life very interesting.

Two weeks ago, my husband had another one of these "aha" moments when I was at work. He wanted to create a way of allowing the children to encourage one another when they have done something good, good attitude, selfless acts, gratefulness, etc. Wanting to build each other up as well as allowing us (mom and dad) to be able to show recognition to the children as well. His "aha" was to paint an entire wall with magnetic chalkboard paint. This way we can put our verse of the week on it, and the kids can write encouraging notes to each other, or anything that points us toward Christ. Of course this was his vision (I don't see inside his brain) and he decided to go to the hardware store pick up the paint and supplies with all 4 kids, come home paint the wall, and make a crazy video of it all before I come home from work. Talk about a crazy surprise!!!! Hi honey I'm home! What in the world is this???!!!!! Now luckily, I am not a freak out when it comes to this kind of stuff. It actuall is very cool to have a floor to ceiling entire wall chalkboard in your dining room. The kids have loved it. If I can figure out how to get the pics or video on here I will add it, so you all can see the craziness. Oh and the kids got to do graffiti all over the wall with markers and crayons, before he painted it. Life is never dull here.

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christie said...

I love it! How creative...I don't know if I would be brave enough to paint the entire wall...but the entire graffiti/painting video sounds fun! And I really like the idea of encouraging the kids to write/say positive things to/about each other.

It's fun "staying in touch" this way...I love Facebook & blogs!