Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our family vacation- side events

We found other fun things for the kids to do before and after our time at the church parks, lots of swimming at the hotels, lots of make your own waffles at the free breakfasts.

We did one outing to a park that had ropes courses that had 3 levels. Beginner at 12 ft off the ground with minimal difficulty, intermediate at 24 ft off the ground with moderate difficulty (I did this one) like walking across a broken planked bridge or walking across a 2x4 piece of lumber with nothing to hold on to (you do have a harness on) and then the advanced at 40 ft in the air with challenging obstacles (crossing a 20ft span with giant rope loops about 2 feet apart that you have to swing in to get to the next one to get to the next platform). All the boys and daddy went through all the levels. My youngest son just amazed me at how he perservered. He struggled with several of the obstacles, but he didn't cry or get frustrated he just worked at it until he got across. He even did it without his pointer finger on his right hand ( he smashed that in a door the day before we left). I was so proud of him. My littlest daughter was too small to do that one so we took turns in doing the big ropes course and letting her do her tot size ropes course. Which she mastered cautiously the first time daddy took her. Then she cruised through it another 3 times. We then split and had girl time and boy time. The boys did more ropes course and the girls did some window shopping and took a scenic train ride. We met for dinner and watched a very unique lazer light show with fireworks. It was one of the most awesome shows I have seen. That was our big day out.

We also saw one movie as a family "Journey to the center of the earth" in 3D. That was a fun movie. My youngest daughter is still young and was ready to leave after 30 minutes. But she made it to the end with potty breaks and free refill of popcorn breaks.

During the trip, we were also able to visit with one of my best friends in high school and her family, and also visit with another guy (and his family)who went to my high school ( he went to the church we visited.....small world). It was great to swap names around with who kept in touch with who. It has been 19 years since I last saw him...yikes. But their family was absolute fantastic and had us over for brunch after church. It was a wonderful visit.

One of our breaks on the ride home, we stopped in a funland, for lack of a better description. The boys played lazer tag (little girl was too young), and the girls went for a go cart ride (and we crashed!! It wasn't supposed to be bumper cars! OOPS! At least I drove too fast and lost control on a go cart and not with the truck on the road! AAHHHH!!!!).

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