Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Signed:Members of the Secret Service"

That was the sign we found on our door when we came home from Georgia and found someone (obviously the members of the secret service) or someones had come over and did a "while you were out" landscaping in the front of our house! Oh MY!!! It is absolutely gorgeous! These "members of the secret service" dug out, rototilled(?), weeded, hoed, and to top that off they put mulch down!! It has been years since we have had mulch down. Wow!! Another blessing that God did for us. He used those members of the secret service to bless us. Our first call was to our parents, and neither of them admitted to it, although they were honored that we thought it was them. So to anyone of you who may be Member of the Secret Service....THANK YOU!!!!! We were totally SHOCKED and AWED by what you did for us, whomever you may be. We were humbled by your acts of service.


Oneneedler said...

To the Members of the secret service, Sue said she didn't participate this time but would love to have helped. Thanks anyways Sue.

Stacey said...

That was so cool! What a great service idea!