Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is it worth it?

Sometimes I just wonder..... Is it really worth it? I end up asking myself this same question everytime we get ready to go away. Is this vacation really worth all this hassle of getting ready?Packing for 4 kids, my husband, myself, the dog and the bunny. Now the pets do not go with us, but they still need to get packed up to go to their care takers. Plus getting the truck cleaned out, oil changed, tires rotated and balanced and filled with gas. Not to mention grocery shopping so you can have snacks on the road and maybe some drinks and fruit and some food for those who are STARVED first thing in the morning and can't wait to eat. Then there is the dollar store to get those travel games and fun prizes to be pulled out when the kids get bored. Then the video store to get movies so the older kids can watch while the younger ones nap. And we can't forget the post office to stop the mail so it isn't overflowing out your mailbox. Then we need to go to the bank and make sure all funds are transferred into the right account so we don't bounce anything while we are away spending away. Whew!
Ok now it is time to pack the truck just right so you know where everything is. Making sure to pack the snack and games accessible and the pillows in the seats to sleep on and the non essential stuff on the bottom. All this to find out we don't have enough room and need to pull out the cartop carrier and repack the truck again. Once the truck is repacked, it is time to load the kids up but after they use the potty. And we're off. OOps! No we aren't, we forgot to turn down the air conditioning and make sure all the doors are locked and the right lights are on and the oven is off. Ok now we are off and pulling out of the driveway. "Mommy, I need to go potty." It never fails, even after they have used the bathroom right before they loaded up in the truck. So I say to myself "Is it worth it?" My answer is always "You better believe it".

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Oneneedler said...

Thanks Darlene for your advice about the website for the post office. I will try it next time.