Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our family vacation- the main event

This year we had an unusual trip planned for our family vacation. It was not a beach trip. It was not a camping trip, nor a trip to the amusement park. This summer we left for a trip to Georgia to visit North Point Community Church. My husband was recently there at a conference they call "Drive". It was in regards to children's ministries. To make a long story shorter, our church is looking into using their curriculum for our children's ministry. My husband wanted me to have a first hand look at how it is delivered and received. Also to have our children experience it as well. That was our main purpose for this trip. We have been striving to put Christ first, to be Christ centered in our lives, in our marriage, in our parenting, in everything we do. So even in our planning of this trip we were making our main purpose Christ centered. Many people skip church during vacation (I know we have), but we were making that our purpose, our mission. We had many strange reactions when people asked "What's in Georgia?", and then we proceeded to tell them our purpose.

When we started out with our eyes on the Lord and our purpose for the Lord, our entire trip had a different feel. Our eyes were opened to all the blessings the Lord layed out before us. We were amazed at how many blessings there were! How God protected us, gave us a better hotel than planned with cheaper rates with free breakfasts. The traffic that is notorious, we breezed right through. Things that you knew could have only been God. Time and time again, our eyes saw God at work just to bless us. Now if that doesn't just make the trip the best in the world. WOW!

Our kids were better behaved stuck in the car for 12 hours, than they are when they have the whole house to escape from each other. Now that was a miracle in itself. We gained so much wisdom from this trip. My husband and I were listening to a sermon from Andy Stanley on the way home, and noticed our 12 year old had put his book down and was listening. Then a few minutes later our 10 year old says "Mom, can you turn it up, I can't hear it". I was blessed beyond words. Not many 10 year old boys are asking for you to turn up the volume to hear a sermon. To top it off, our 10 year old asked us questions about some parts he didn't understand. What a valuable, priceless teaching moment. Our God is so GOOD. I am just overwhelmed for what God did for us, how he showered us with His love and allowed us to see it. Praise God!!!!

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