Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spending Time like Money

We have been known to not be very careful with our money in the past. If we wanted to run to the beach for the night and ride the rides and get a treat, let's go. If we wanted to go out to dinner because I just didn't feel like cooking, sure let's do it. Or if it was time to get a new book, off to the book store we would go. This summer my husband and I decided we are going to hunker down and be smart with our money. Do things that are more family oriented without spending money. We had already planned a getaway to the beach, and a family vacation to Georgia. We decided not to take those off the schedule, but to be more careful of what we did the other times.

This has led to many date nights with mom and a child or dad and a child. These times have been absolutely priceless. I have questioned my kids about all kinds of things and given them the comfort and freedom to express themselves. Even asking the tough questions "How is mom doing being your mom? What things bother you about how mommy parents you? What things am I doing well?" We do these dates throughout the year, but not as consistently as this summer.

On one of my dates with Josh he has noticed the difference of spending more alone time with his mom and dad. Even planning it on the calender "Mom, there is nothing going on next sunday afternoon, can we have a date then?" and then he puts it in ink on the calender. Well during one of these dates he was very observant and said to me "Mom, we are spending time like we used to spend money." How precious is that. I love the fact that my kids are noticing the difference and enjoying it. It reminds me how kids know more of what is going on than we give them credit for.

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christie said...

wow, I love it, Josh! way to go Kim & Scott for the dates w/ the kids...and for spending less money & more time! :)