Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's my birthday month!!

I just had to put the birthday background on. It's my birthday this month!!! I asked my husband for a drink, and I had to put on the end of it... "Well it is my birthday month." LOL.
I always amp it up on and around my birthday just for the fun of it. My family is so used to it, that now they just roll their eyes or laugh along with it.

It started out with "It's my birthday." Then it went to
It's my birthday week. Now I am up to saying it is my birthday month. Next year I will amp it up to "It's my birthday season." Then I will be saying "Well it is my birthday year." Funny thing about that is... it will be the biggie 40 that year. Yikes. I will need to celebrate all year to keep me from being so sad that I hit the 40's. LOL.

So it is my birthday month.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

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